El Khat

Wednesday, December 9

It creaks and rattles, the screws are loose, but it holds together and moves magnificently. It's the sound of El Khat - an international deconstruction squad from Tel Aviv led by Eyal El Wahab, a son of the Yemeni Jewish diaspora on a mission to recover his roots.

El Wahab found his epiphanous mojo in a collection of Yemeni Folk and Pop records of the 60's, sparking a bout of instrument building from bits of wood, saucepans, wire and rope. Soon afterwards came the formation of El Khat along with three friends from Polish, Iraqi and Moroccan backgrounds - adding trumpet, guitar, disco-keyboards and hybrid jazz/junk percussion to El Wahab's heartfelt vocals and slippery inventions on his homemade bass.

As smoothly stimulating as the eponymous plant, El Khat mix trash and tradition into a timely urban reclamation of a disenfranchised culture.

Band Members

Eyal El Wahab - seer, kearat (self-made instruments) & lead vocals
Gilad Halaween
- electric guitar, manuela & backing vocals
Iby Iban Wakir
- trumpets, mizmar (self-made), organ & vocals
Ido Chitayat
- Drums (self-made)

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