Thursday, December 10

The highly touted Israeli-Persian singer returns with a buoyant and border-busting new album, her first for Glitterbeat. Combining shimmering electro-pop with pulsing dance rhythms and retro Persian sonics, the album includes clandestine collaborations with Iran-based musicians and composers.

Liraz has taken her shimmering electro-pop underground, and turned it into something dangerous and even more beautiful than before. For her second album, 'Zan' (“Women” in Farsi), the Israeli-Persian singer collaborated online with composers and musicians from Iran. Everything had to be secretive to avoid the gaze of Tehran’s mullahs and secret police. The result is her private revolution, songs with a true message, music to make people dance and smile – and above all, think.

Band Members

Liraz Charhi - Singer
Uri Brauner Kinrot
- Guitar
Yael Selinger
- Keyboard
Amir Sadot
- Bass
Roy Chen
- Drums
Lia Sherman - Violin

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