Shai Maestro Trio

Wednesday, December 9

Shai Maestro is one of the most promising and talented pianists of his generation. Since his debut with his own trio in 2011, Shai has shaped a strong and unique personal identity and has portrayed an incredible musical fluidity, making him and his trio one of the most powerful and harmonious groups in jazz today.During his musical career, Shai had a chance to perform and collaborate with many renowned musicians.

One of the most important at the beginning of Shai's career was being invited to be part of Avishai Cohen trio, together with Mark Guiliana. Maestro recorded four albums with the Avishai Cohen Trio, including two on Blue Note Records: Gently Disturbed (2008), Sensitive Hours (2008), Aurora (2009), and Seven Seas (2011).

Shai also performed in a duo format with Chris Potter, had Joshua Redman featured as a guest during his trio performance.2018 marked an important year for Shai, signing with major jazz label ECM and recording his first album 'The Dream Thief' there, featuring the gifted pianist fronting his superlative trio with young and fellow Israeli Ofri Nehemya on drums and Peruvian bassist Jorge Roeder, but also him as a solo-pianist.

Introspective, lyrical, virtuosic and differentiated. Shai's second album on a renowned ECM label is going to come out early in 2021. This time the trio is accompanied by a new member - American Philip Dizack on trumpet. This, after 10 years of existence, turns Shai Maestro trio into a quartet. The upcoming album, with a new sound, but the same emotionally rich compositions, will be called 'Human'.

Band Members

Shai Maestro - Piano 
Tal Mashiach - Bass
Ofri Nehemya - Drums

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