Full Trunk

Wednesday, December 9

Full Trunk is an eclectic groove quartet that built itself from the ground up, and has been active in the Israeli music scene for the past 7 years. After performing on every possible stage in Israel and even shortly touring around the globe, they succeeded in becoming one of the most fascinating and triumphant musical ensembles in Israel today. 

Full Trunk’s speedy success can be attributed to their songs organically passing from the streets to radio, media, and eventually topping the charts.A fresh combination of western and eastern sounds, electric beats and live energy, a rock’n’roll groove beautifully entangled with modern afro blues - all brought to life by a charismatic frontman, are what made Full Trunk one of the most sought-after live concert experiences in Israel’s recent years.

Gal Nissman - frontman, lyricist, composer, and co-producer -  is a rock’n’roll leader with rare old blues and soul-style vocal abilities. A magnetic performer with the ability to command crowds with his one-of-a-kind energy, whether in front of an audience of thousands or in an intimate lounge setting.Songs written by Nissman touch sincerely and openly on sensitive topics of social justice struggles, cultural issues, and the Israeli experience - all on a universal level, relatable to listeners from every part of the globe.

Chosen to represent Israel in numerous events around the world, Full Trunk has been praised in magazines and radio plays in the UK, Europe, and the United States. Listeners from every corner of the world can be found regularly tuning in to their streaming channels. Recently the band has been working on their upcoming album, from which 5 singles have already dropped (“Another Day” - the theme song of the hit TV series TAAGAD, “Quarter of an Hour”, “Wallack”, “More”, and “Damn Right”).

The full length release is due in 2021.Albums by Full Trunk: Full Trunk (2014)Time for Us to Move (2015)Show Us What You Got (2017)

Band Members

Gal Nisman – Guitar and singer
Ofer Vayner
– Bass
Ariel Keshet
– keyboards
Yotam Elazari
- Drums

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