Riff Cohen

Wednesday, December 9

Riff Cohen (Miner) is a singer, creator, musician, director, music producer & art director.Cohen is considered one of the most innovative artists to come out of Israel in recent years, and is one of the leaders of a new generation of musicians whose creative force comes from searching for their roots.Cohen sings in French, Hebrew & English, performing mainly in Tel Aviv, Paris and Istanbul. The musical styles Cohen combines in her work are diverse and many - from baroque & classical music to operas and avantgarde, eastern, Persian, North-African music, classic rock, pop, hip-hop, trip-hop, reggae, going all the way to inspiration from her grandmother Fortuna, who was born and raised in the Djerba Island by the coasts of Tunisia. These days, Cohen performs with Haggai Fershtman, Atar Miner and Omri Amado, in a new round of shows featuring favorites from her two successful albums, and a taste from her upcoming release.Ten songs by Riff you must hear: Rotsa Prahim, Dans mon Quartier, A Paris, J'aime, Hélas, Que du Bonheur, Jean Qui Rit, Jean Qui Pleure, Tomber De Haut, Marrakech.

Band Members

Riff Cohen - Voice and Guitar
Atar Miner - Dj

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